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I Need to Edit, but Have So Much to Do!

By Adam Bush on March 29, 2018

As an editor, one of my greatest issues OVERALL has been GETTING STARTED ON THE DANG EDIT. I work at a church, and there are a hundred other things to do, so every time I sit down to spend half or the whole day to edit my story, it’s easy to feel as if I have 10 other little tasks looming over me. No time ever feels like the right time to begin or (start cranking again) on that edit. So, how do I get focused, revved up and centered to start working on what I believe is a crucial part of our services? I’ve got three ways that work FOR ME. So, I thought I’d share them.

1. A Sign on the Door

A couple years ago we started, in crunch time, putting a kind sign on the door that simply says, “Please do not disturb. Editing for an important deadline.” The amazing thing was NO ONE bothered us while we were editing. So, then I thought, “Why does the IMPORTANT DEADLINE have to be tomorrow? Can’t it be important, because it’s next week?” Now, when I’m editing, the sign goes up. This solves two problems. One: People don’t interrupt with what can actually wait. Two: I don’t get tempted to hang out with my friends (who I get to work with), by them just stepping in for a minute.

2. I Talk to God

I prefer to stray from sounding too spiritual, (because I think God is not weird, so I don’t want to be weird), so in the most authentic way I can say it: prayer helps me edit. Before I begin, I make myself sit down, close the door and I talk to God. Not only does giving this holy moment (and yes, I do believe storytelling is a holy event) to God, but it allows me to shift my focus off of what I can do and over to the one who created me. I take 3 minutes. Give it a shot.

3. Simple Habit

I found an app online called SIMPLE HABIT. Again, without sounding weird, it’s a meditation app. I, however, would like to simply call it a FOCUSING APP. It’s free and full of five minute exercises that guide you toward clearing your mind, refocusing and setting your intention on the moment. I use it ALL the time. Look – I REALIZE IT SOUNDS WEIRD – but give it a shot. If you like it, you owe me a coffee.

And that’s it. 3 ways i get out of the grind and focus on what is in front of me. They work for me. Hopefully one of them helps you. (Though, the prayer is more than just a helpful tool – but that’s for another blog. : )

– Adam

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