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Outside of the Box

By Adam Bush on April 23, 2018

We’ve all been there. Your pastor or supervisor asks for a new or specific story to be told on a such and such date for the weekend experience and you think, ‘That’s great. We can just tell that story the way we always do!’ Well, there’s good and bad in that response. First, kudos to you for jumping in, being a team player and being excited to share another story, but what about the part of you who wants to THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX and tell stories differently? Typically, the main obstacle to achieving this goal is TIME. There’s never enough. So, how do you continue to tell stories, but keep them different and interesting?

This week I joined the CRTVCHURCH PODCAST and talk about the ART OF STORYTELLING and how to THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX with your stories. Check it out on iTunes or Spotify and big thanks to the CRTVCHURCH team for having me on.

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