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You Don’t Need Video To Tell Stories

By Adam Bush on August 22, 2018

Alright, so right out of the gate the title to this blog seems a bit out of sorts, right? The Story Guide helps train you to tell stories ON VIDEO in your local church. But it’s the truth, you don’t need video to tell stories in your church.

What if you don’t have a video team, just yet, though? What if you’re getting things going, but want to tell stories now? What if you’re able to produce a video every quarter, but want to tell more stories in between those? The answer is in the title.

You don’t have to tell stories ONLY on video.

Regularly, when we’re out consulting, a staff member will say, “We have so many stories in our church, but not a big enough video team to tell them.” We’re forgetting that storytelling is simply narrative communicated; and video isn’t the only communication tool. So, here are a couple ways to tell stories without pulling out the gear.

Social Media FTW

One of my favorite story experiences I’ve ever been a part of at the church I serve (Church on the Move) is what we called 30 Stories for 30 Days. Super simple. We found 30 shorts stories of how families became a part of our church. I, and our storytelling volunteer team, wrote up 30 quick, little posts, had a photo taken of each family and boom! Every day, for 30 days, we posted a short story on Instagram. It was an incredible exercise and we’ve repeated the experiences in several forms. It’s a pretty awesome avenue for storytelling.

Help Your Pastor Tell Them

Regularly, I’ll hear a story and just write it down and give it to one of our campus pastors or lead pastor. They’ll share it in the service during an offering moment or in their message. We’ll provide support with b-roll or photos. It’s an amazing moment to experience our church family hearing a story I found coming out of the mouths of our pastors. Think it’s not as impactful as a story told on video? Give it a shot. You’d be surprised.

And that’s it! Just a couple of quick, impactful ways to share stories sans video. Try it out, let us know, and while you’re saving a bit of time telling stories in the aforementioned ways, brush up on your Story Guide training and get ready for your next, big shoot.

Happy storytelling!

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