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The Story Guide Podcast

By Adam Bush on January 7, 2019

Happy New Year, friends! We’re so excited to have rounded the corner into 2019 and are excited about the blogs, NEW CLASSES, and resources we’ve got planned for the new year. Our goal is to serve you, the storytellers, do what you love to do: Tell Stories Better.

So, to kick off the newness that roles in with the new year, we introduce our brand new, totally free (obv) resource THE STORY GUIDE PODCAST! Each month we’ll have conversations with filmmakers, producers, engineers and storytellers around the globe, all talking about perfecting your craft to tell stories better. Ep. 1 launches this month, and features an interview with Pixar veteran @matthewluhnstory, who’s worked on a few “indies” such as #ToyStory, #MonstersInc and #Up ?. Check out our teaser ep. now wherever you listen to podcasts. Happy listening!

P.S. Here’s a link to the podcast on Apple Podcasts and Google Play, and a link to Matthew Luhn’s book, The Best Story Wins, which we mention in the podcast. Okay, back to listening!

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