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Tape a call. Save an interview.

By Adam Bush on April 5, 2019

In The Story Guide class, I talk a lot about doing a pre-interviewing. Before we ever sit down to shoot, I’ve talked to our lead a number of times, just hearing his or her story and developing our Story Spine to make sure we’ve got a clear, compelling story to tell. Before the interview, when I’d sit down with our lead, I’d keep a notepad and make notes and write down ideas to push on. That’s a killer way to keep everything straight, especially considering how much content you’re navigating through as you work on your story; however, one problem I’ve consistently come up against is wishing I could go back to the first few conversations and remember a moment or tone or detail that our lead mentioned – you know, maybe something I didn’t write down.

With that, I introduce you to my new best friend: TAPE A CALL.
Tape a Call is a super simple app that records the conversation you’re having with someone on the phone. It’s ridiculously easy to use, stores the audio file on your phone and lets you send it to dropbox pretty easily. 

Not only does it give me the option to go back and remember what we talked about before, BUT, I’ve been able to use the audio in a story. Recently, at Church on the Move, we did “Luke’s Story,” and I needed a specific part in the edit. I didn’t have anything from the interview I could use, but I remember he talked about the detail I was looking for on the phone. We exported the audio and used it right there in the studio with a little sound wave animation. 

Give it a shot and let me know what you think. 
Boom. That’s it and that’s all. Happy storytelling.

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