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Episode 2: The Story Guide Podcast

By Adam Bush on April 9, 2019

Hey, there folks! We promised another episode of The Story Guide Podcast and here it is! We’re pretty excited about this episode with our guest Tory Cooper.

Tory is the film director at Church on the Move, in Tulsa, OK. In this episode, we talk about the way their film and storytelling departments are structured at COTM and we talk about gear, gear, and more gear! We get down and dirty with the specifics of COTM’s gear of choice and the ‘why’ behind their purchases. Then, at the end, Adam puts Tory to the test and “gives” him $5000 to buy his first filmaking setup. See if you agree with Tory’s purchases of choice.

Check out the episode on iTunes or Soundcloud and happy listening!

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