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3 Hours

From finding a story to the final export, you’ll see their entire process over 3 hours of lessons.

Created for the Church

Meet Your Instructors

Chris, Adam, and Gary have been sharing and crafting stories for the local church for over 10 years. From Dad Life to Pete and Penelope to Northern Creative, these guys have the experience to help you take your storytelling to the next level.


Watch from any desktop, tablet or mobile browser.

6 Lessons

From finding your story to final export, learn how to tell better stories in six, multi-chapter lessons.


Learn at your own pace in your own time. It will never expire.


Finding Your Story

  • Overview

    Meet Adam. He’s been finding, interviewing and sharing stories for over 10 years, and he’s still as passionate as his first day on the job. He’s here to tell you how to find the stories that are already in your church.

    1:02 Adam Bush
  • Where To Start

    You can’t share a story if you don’t have a story. Adam will share simple steps that’ll lead to finding your next story.

    8:01 Adam Bush
  • Vetting Your Lead

    “I wish we’d known you were going to share that story,” isn’t something you want to hear from your church’s leadership. If you don’t already have a vetting process, it’s time to get one going.

    6:09 Adam Bush
  • First Contact

    Cold calls never feel great, so let’s get your lead warmed right up. Here we’ll talk about getting the conversation with your lead started.

    5:14 Adam Bush
  • The Pitch

    Getting the rest of your team on board is crucial. You want “buy-in!” Adam’s going to teach you how to get everyone involved excited.

    9:05 Adam Bush
  • Follow Up

    You’ve got the lead, but you need the story. Let’s start walking out putting your story on paper.

    4:58 Adam Bush

Story Structure

  • Overview

    Every story has six basic elements. These six “buckets” will help you filter through and organize the raw information of your story and give you the foundation to build your story on.

    1:14 Chris Munch
  • Introduction

    This is where the audience is introduced to the main character.

    2:32 Chris Munch
  • Inciting Incident

    It’s time to take away the thing most important to our main character, turning their world upside down and introducing tension into your story.

    3:47 Chris Munch
  • Progressive Complications

    Here is where your character attempts to get things back to the way they used to be.

    5:26 Chris Munch
  • Turning Point

    Your character is going to come to a fork in the road. A decision must be made. Stay the same or make a change?

    3:19 Chris Munch
  • Resolution

    Ultimately, your story is about the external evidence of an internal change. Let’s make that clear in our story. Here’s how.

    2:05 Chris Munch
  • Moral

    What did your character learn through their journey? Let’s find out.

    0:53 Chris Munch

The Interview

  • Overview

    Why go to the trouble of finding your lead, scouting a location and setting up the shoot and NOT plan for the interview? Adam’s going to teach you HOW to interview and why, “Tell me your story,” won’t cut it.

    2:24 Adam Bush
  • Coordinating The Shoot

    Who, what, where, when and why. If God is in the details, it’s time to get close to God.

    9:22 Adam Bush
  • On Set With Your Lead

    Communication with your lead is your only ally. Forgo communication, it all falls apart. So, what needs to be communicated? Let’s talk about it.

    10:24 Adam Bush
  • Recording In Progress

    Too many people on set, halting the tears, and other mistakes you might be making in your interview.

    14:05 Adam Bush
  • BTS Part 1

    You've watched Lee's story, now experience the entire interview in all its rawness. This behind-the-scenes look gives you a fly on the wall's view of how the conversation with Lee went down.

    1:35:50 Adam Bush
  • BTS Part 2

    After the first interview, Adam and Gary sit down and compare notes. Watch that here.

    9:45 Adam Bush
  • BTS Part 3

    Notes have been compared and it's time to take Lee for one more round of questions. Watch BTS part 3 here.

    28:24 Adam Bush

Visual Storytelling

  • Overview

    Shooting your story is more than just setting up a camera. It’s about capturing emotion. Let’s talk about how to capture the right emotion.

    0:39 Gary Hornstien
  • Choosing A Location

    The right location for your story will not only set the perfect tone, but help put your interviewee at ease. Let’s talk about finding the right location.

    3:29 Gary Hornstien
  • Essential Gear

    Here, Gary talks about the gear he would not want to be without on a shoot.

    08:16 Gary Hornstien
  • Finding The Shot

    So now we're at our location. How do you decide where exactly you're going to film?

    5:26 Gary Hornstien
  • Lighting

    You’ve got the gear and you’re ready to light your lead. So where do you start? Let’s talk about what to do BEFORE you unload any gear.

    03:19 Gary Hornstien
  • Audio

    No one will watch a story that sounds terrible. So let’s understand how to capture the most important element of your story.

    03:16 Gary Hornstien
  • While Recording

    Just because you’re rolling doesn’t mean your job is over. Here’s what TO DO and what NOT TO DO during the interview.

    1:28 Gary Hornstien
  • Shooting B-Roll

    You’ve captured the interview; now it’s time to capture the moments.

    2:30 Gary Hornstien
  • Organizing Your Footage

    The creative process always takes time so we want be efficient everywhere else. Let’s get the edit ready the right way.

    3:11 Gary Hornstien

The Edit

  • Overview

    So now you've got all this footage just waiting to be edited. Where do you start? Here's your answer.

    1:20 Chris Munch
  • Story Structure

    Knowing your story well will help you determine what does and doesn’t belong in your story. So let's revisit your story structure.

    1:47 Chris Munch
  • Choosing Clips

    Tension, empathy and progress - all essential parts of your story. So which clips do you choose to empower these convictions?

    4:43 Chris Munch
  • Multi-Pass Editing

    Editing is a sculpting game, chipping away at each part of your story.

    7:08 Chris Munch
  • Creating Tension

    Maintaining tension is the name of the game, so how do you continue raising questions and pique your audience's interest?

    9:34 Chris Munch
  • B-Roll

    B-Roll is about more than just covering your edits. So much more.

    2:55 Chris Munch

Finishing Touches

  • Overview

    You’ve spent so much time getting the story right and dropping in the right B-Roll that you’ve only got a few hours before you’ve gotta move on. So how do you tackle that last 5%?

    0:46 Gary Hornstien
  • Audio

    While audio might be the last on the list, it can’t be last on your mind. Take these simple steps to ensure your audio is not only distraction-free but sounding as good as your story looks.

    10:39 Gary Hornstien
  • Color

    Matching clips and navigating your color wheel. Let’s make your already great-looking story pop even more.

    11:14 Gary Hornstien
  • Graphics

    The right graphics can help push your story forward. Whether you have an eye for design or not, Gary will talk through some simple steps to make your art look pristine.

    2:19 Gary Hornstien
  • Export

    You’re on the homestretch, but pause. You’ve got a couple things left to do.

    3:35 Gary Hornstien


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  • Essential Gear List

    Headed to set? Don't forget to check your "must-have" gear list.

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    Grab these title templates and look like the graphic design stud you've always hid deep inside.

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